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A well maintained garden provides a great look and feel to any home, and increases the overall appeal of your property."Landscaping" has everything you will require to maintain or revive your garden.


Do you love your landscaping but wish it were easier to maintain? "Landscaping" can help you. Even the most beautiful.


Are you looking for ideas on how to upgrade your outdoor living space? The term hardscape is used to for non-living.


A well-maintained garden provides a great look and feel to any home, and increases the overall appeal of your property.


  • Kel O.

    JGS Irrigation is going to be my go to company for sprinkler repair. We had a very old system that was a complete mess and I was having a hard time finding someone that was able to tackle such a hard job.  Juan came out and explained the issues, which were unfortunately many. We talked about what was most important to repair and how we could get things done in my budget.  Juan and his team were friendly and were serious about Covid safety. They got the job done quickly and left my yard clean and ready to be watered.  My trees and future grass are grateful for their hard work.

  • Angella R.

    JGS Landscaping does landscaping work at one of the HOAs where I have rental properties.  I have to say that Juan and his crew do a wonderful job keeping the place clean and sharp.  I love his attention to detail, which many other landscapers overlook.   His crew seems to be well trained to pay attention to little things, like bare spots on the ground that need to be covered up, exposed drip lines, broken or damaged sprinkler heads, dry leaves under bushes, etc.  I highly recommend them.

  • Jerry C. 


    Juan and his crew do a 1st rate job keeping lawn, flower beds and shrubs looking neat and well kept. Also they keep a close eye on irrigation system to make sure water isn't wasted by broken head or other problems. This is a for a fairly large complex too so they are well equipped to handle large jobs. They show up like clockwork and complete the work in a professional timely manner too.


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