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What are lawn care services?

Lawn Care Services include:

* Mowing

* Organic Soil Treatment

* Trimming

* Edging

* Blowing/Clean-up

JGS Landscaping Pros works hard in making your lawn look beautiful. We offer flexible lawn care service treatments that to give you the lawn you want at a price you can afford.

To help your lawn reach its full potential, our trained field staff will first conduct a detailed lawn analysis. This gives us a valuable picture of your lawn’s strengths and challenges, covering issues like these:

* Grass and soil types

* Turf density

* Shade and sun exposure

* Mowing and watering

* Problem areas including disease, soil compaction, and pet damage

* Grassy and Broadleaf Weeds

Our lawncare services include:

* Lawn Fertilization

* Surface Insect Control

* Weed Control Service

* Soil pH Control

* Mechanical Core Lawn Aeration

* Preventive White Grub Control

* Vegetation Control

* Seeding

* Crabgrass/Bermuda grass/Dallis grass Control

* Nutsedge Control

You can depend on us because this is who we are and what we offer:

* Highly experienced

* Up-front, honest and reliable work

* Customized to client specifications

* Guidance throughout the process

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